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Cars Insurance - get a quote and save!

Car insurance – Tips to help you save

Compare quotes

Insurance companies calculate your monthly car insurance premiums based on your specific risk profile. How the car insurance company rates your risk will determine what you pay. Our online application form above allows you to obtain insurance quotes from our list of recommended insurance providers. Comparing insurance quotes has never been so easy, see how much the competition varies for your used car!

Increase your car insurance excess


excess on your car insurance policy will decrease your monthly premium. Just make sure that you have the means to cover the excess you choose in the event of a car accident.

Drive your car safely

An accident free driving history will mean your risk profile decreases and will reduce the insurance premium on your car. Driving defensively is the best way to avoid accidents.

Choose your car carefully

Some used cars carry higher risks because they are prime hijack or theft targets as well as high performance cars which are accident risks. Statistically drivers of flashy high performance vehicles drive more recklessly and therefore car insurance premiums are significantly higher. Choosing a low insurance risk vehicle will greatly reduce your monthly insurance premiums.

Keep your car locked up

Parking your car in a secure area both at work and at home will likely decrease your risk. This can in turn greatly reduce the insurance premium on your vehicle.

Install Alarm, anti-hijack and satellite tracking

When getting an insurance quote, get advice from your car insurance provider on how different security devices will affect your monthly insurance premium. Depending on the value and type of car, fitting extra security measures can be well worthwhile to enhance the safety of your car as well as reduce the monthly insurance premiums.

Enquire about discounts

Discounts or specials may apply if you have multiple policies with the same insurance provider. These insurance discounts can equate to a lot of money saved in the long run, you also get the added value of only having to deal with one insurance company.

Please note that tips provided on car insurance are meant only as a guide to the user.

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